I see him.

I was staring at the sunset that God had masterfully painted across the sky, when I began to think about everywhere that I notice God’s fingerprints. After Awaken (its a young adult gathering) last night, the song “how he loves” had been playing in my mind. God loves us with such a fervent, unstoppable, unbeatable, with a love that no human can fully comprehend. When I think about how much I love my family and how much I know they love me, I literally can not wrap my head around God’s love and his grace for a sinner like me. It is because of his love that I can stand here today, saved by his grace. Loved with an everlasting love. As I write this blog post, I have decided to create a list where I see God’s love for me displayed through everyday life. I am often so busy, I am running from place to place and not actually taking the time to notice. I want to be more mindful and more patient.

I see God through the colourful and vibrant sunsets and sunrises he paints on the sky. I see him when I feel the joy radiating off of my friends. I see him in my dad, in his tender love and care for us kids. I see him in my mom, in her sweet nature and loving smile. I see him in my dog, no matter what, sammy just wants to love me. I see him in the way the trees bend and the intricate brains and cells we studied in school. I see him when I hear a soft voice singing worship music to herself, trying to calm herself down. I see him in the way the light bounces and the sounds of grass crunching. I see him in my quiet moments and in my tough moments. I see him, because I know he is always there.