His love.

Who wants to hear about my day/adventures with the family in Mazatlan cause we speak like 5 words of Spanish?

I have been living in Mazatlan, Mexico for the past 5 months of my life. YWAM has shown me what it is like to fall in love with Jesus again and again every single day. I have met incredible people, including somebody I love with all of my little heart. **Tip. If you fall in love in YWAM, it’s freaking awesome. Just wait on God’s timing. I would love to share our story with you if you want to meet for coffee, I have so many stories about God’s faithfulness and grace through this time. Back to YWAM and why it’s so great. Jesus meets you. In the mess, and in the tears. He meets you in the laughter and in the joy. He takes you deeper into his love and pours his sweet grace over you. You learn how to kick that stupid enemy who loves to whisper lies into your ears straight to the curb. How to take back your identity as a daughter. As a son. As a princess, as a prince. You learn that God is always talking. Just that sometimes we don’t take the time to listen. That we need to shut up and let him talk instead talking and talking and not let him get a single word in. God wrote me a letter, I wrote about this letter in a previous post. I pulled it out and read it out loud the other night and he reminded me of his constant love. That his timing is always perfect. So perfect.

Today, I took my family to a market. Being a family that looks very white, this was quite the experience. I speak the most Spanish, and thats about 10 words. I have been teaching my family how to say “gracias” correctly. That’s got to say a lot. People in the market jump on white people. Not literally, but if they see you eyeing a blanket or a shirt, they are in your face to sell it to you. I have learned that NO is a complete answer, but my family hesitates. Think sweet natured Canadian family meets crazy loud Mexicans. That just about sums it up. You all would have been so proud of me, I haggled all the prices down. As Tyler says, my stubborn streak shows through a bit.

We have also been to Stone Island and I took them shopping. If you know my Mom, you know that woman loves to shop. Loves to.

I ended off today with a sweet message from my boyfriend’s sister who I have yet to meet. You know that somebody is special when they go out of their way to send you a message about being happy that you are now in her brother’s life. Shout out to Jenny if you read this, you’re awesome.

Skype/facetime calls and early morning “good morning” texts are going to become part of my new normal. I never thought I would meet somebody in YWAM, but we serve a God who loves to surprise us. I want you all to meet Tyler, he has a heart of gold. Not literally, his heart pumps normally, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it really was. He brings so much joy into my life, like seriously who knew. I would love to share our story with you if you have 15 minutes to spare. It all started with a flower and a loud Mexican gal.

I fly home on Friday. Most of my friends are already home and it makes me miss home even more. It has been a huge blessing to have my family here, to be able to show them my home. Weird though in the same sense. I take them places and I get a little sad inside because I remember being there with my besties from YWAM. At the tables at Allergos, and tacos.

There are so many dreams blooming in my heart right now, words are just bursting from the depths within. That was kind of a deep sentence, but seriously. Something that I am learning is that Jesus gives us step one. When we are ready for step two, then he gives us step two, but not before we are ready.

Jesus gives life. He gives joy, and he pours out his peace. I am seeing a new side of him that makes me fall in love with him more and more every single day. He is good.

Heaven’s song

Words. Black against white. Powerful. Life changing.

Worship. Praise into empty air. Wide open mouths. Sweet sounds.

These are two things that I have grown in these past 5 months, getting pushed out of my comfort and standing in front of people to lead them into Jesus’s presence. Having anxiety because of it, but He set me free from all fear. Leading worship on buses and in the middle of the street in Chile. Leading worship is something that I have fallen in love with, something that God has really opened up my heart in. Words are something new to me, I always loved them but didn’t know how powerful they were. You can use words to build people up or tear them down. I learned the art of affirming people, to use words to love on them. I wrote countess letters and spoke numerous affirmations over people in these past 5 months. Seeing the joy that they carried when they realized people saw the good things, that we would look past the mess and see their sweet caring heart was always a highlight for me.

I go home on Friday. I can hardly wait, yet my heart aches. One of the worst feelings because you are so torn. Jesus has shown me so much in this time, one of the main ones is to always wait on his timing. His timing is perfect. Always. That is something that I can continually rest in, knowing that he gives us the next step when it’s time for the next step. He doesn’t give you 3 steps when you haven’t even gotten through step 1. He is patient, and he is loving.

I have to go home and make decisions that are going to impact my future. Before YWAM, I was scared and didn’t know which way to turn. Now I can make these decisions with confidence, knowing what God has called me into.

He has blessed me more then I could have asked for these past 5 months. I had the chance to grow with incredible people. To see their hearts allow them to see mine. I got to go to Chile. I got to spend my birthday in Mexico, on the top of a mountain in Jesus’s presence. I get to show my family around this city that I have completely fallen in love with.

I will write another blog post once I get home about being home. Until then,

Blessings + extra tight hugs cause I get to see you guys again soon,


F A I T H F U L you are

Outreach is finished. Sitting in the cafe in the base, wearing a skirt because I am tired of feeling dirty and wearing the same clothes over and over. There was laughter. Sore throats and tears. People’s lives were touched by the love of the one who created them. We saw God move. It was simply incredible.

We started out our journey by taking a 12 hour bus ride to Mexico City. From there we flew to Santiago, Chile where we began our journey. In Santiago, we lived with a family whose parents did not believe in Christ. The church we worked there with was a huge example to our entire team. They were so focused in getting His name out there. We did a lot of bus evangelism there, you could ride the bus for free if you sang and worshiped. I lead worship on the bus with two other guys from my team, while the rest of the team talked to people. Heard their stories. Simply loved on them. People’s lives were touched by his love, some entered the bus not having a relationship with Jesus, and left having accepted him into their heart and eager to get to know him more. We left Santiago with joy in our hearts because both the parents accepted Christ.  I think the entire team cried, I know that I cried. I cried a lot over outreach whenever I heard about God’s faithfulness. When I heard stories about people accepting Christ. Hearing stories about God moving.

Talca was our next stop in this crazy God adventure that we were on. We worked alongside of a church and stayed in host families houses. I stayed in a house with 3 other girls from my outreach team with a grandma who wanted nothing else but to love on us. She was also extremely sassy and we enjoyed many moments laughing at her antics. Everywhere we went there were dogs, dogs who looked like they wanted to take a chomp out of you and dogs with nubs for tails. For the most part, they are always willing for a pet and sometimes even a selfie.

Constitution was a place filled with bucket showers and non flushing toilets, but way more joy then we could have imagined filled that place. The staff was weary, but still loved on us with everything they had. We worked in a place nearby called Santa Olga where wildfires ravished and burned everything in sight. We worked alongside people who had lost their homes and encouraged them and prayed for them. This place was a needed rest for me, there was no wifi and I had the chance to really dig into his word. I also finished reading through the entire bible, something that I had started at the beginning of DTS.

Pichilemu was a super cute surfing town, we stayed at the YWAM base there. We worked alongside the base directors, Mitch and Juliet. They were a couple who had so much vision for that place, you could almost see it in their eyes. We worked in the community center connected to the base called Pura Vida (Pure Life). The pool inside needed a lot of painting and construction done to it, so we were pretty busy doing that. We also ran an event called Super Sabado (Super Saturday) where kids from the neighborhood came and we did a lesson, a skit and played soccer and other games with them as well.  I fell in love with this place, the city as well as the base we were at.

Valparaiso was the most artsy city that I have ever been in, there was graffiti and street art on almost every wall and people painting all over the place. We spent only a couple of days here, but the days were sweet and very full. We did a lot of evangelizing here, and prayed over the city at the top of a hill. We met a dude at the top of the hill who was singing and playing a guitar. We quickly found out that he knew most of the psalms off by heart and could sing them for us. We prayed over him and God gave me a word for him. As soon as the words were out of my mouth, he began to cry. I don’t understand a whole lot of Spanish, but that alone connected my heart to his.

Outreach was incredible. So many stories. So much laughter and a few tears here and there. I wouldn’t change outreach for anything, every encounter I hold dear to my heart. This is such a bit about outreach, I have so many stories to tell. I will be home June 3, if you want to grab coffee and hear about my time here I would be more then honored. Looking forward to seeing your smiling faces soon again.

Blessings + Hugs,


PS. I wrote a little poem thingy/I don’t know what you call it.


we are the salt of the earth, but why does the earth taste flavorless

we are the light on top of the hill, but why when I look all around do I see darkness

GO. Make disciples.

GO. Be the salt.

GO Be the light.

we are called to love, but why when I look around all I see is judgement

where is the grace, because all I see

are Jesus fish on cars and Bibles collecting dust

GO. Make disciples.

GO. Be the salt.

GO. Be the light.

we called to be like Jesus

to be his hands and feet

the man who walked the earth 2000 years ago

who was whipped and hung to die

with pierced hands and pierced feet

to heal in his name and love those who don’t deserve it

to be his hands and feet

Chilly in Chile.

First off, I am sorry for not updating everybody on my adventures here in Chile. We have been incredibly busy, and we have a free day today so I am taking full advantage of it. Sleeping in. Time with Jesus. Updating the blog. Resting.

I don’t even know where to start. God has done so much. His heart for this place is absolutely beautiful. We spent a few days in Santiago, where we did evangelism and worked alongside a church. The family we stayed with was so hospitable. From the moment that we stepped off the plane to the moment we got on a bus, they were a huge blessing to this team. The mom of the house wasn’t a Christian, but her kids where. Their dad was not either. During our time there, both of them accepted Christ. I’m crying just thinking about the joy that filled that house. I am part of the worship team on outreach. I lead alongside Efrain (Mexico) and Tyler (United states) both very talented guys. We often lead worship in the park or on the bus and then the rest of the team goes out and talks to the people who stop and listen. One super rad thing that happened was bus ministry! The buses in Santiago allow people to ride for free if they are playing music or evangelizing. As YWAMers, we were not going to pass up this opportunity. We hopped on the buses and sang. Played music. Prayed for people. God gave us specific words for them. It was incredible. Absolutely incredible. From Santiago, we moved to Talca, where we have been here for about a week I think. I have completely lost track of time here. I don’t even know what day it is half the time.

God is good. When I think about his faithfulness I cry. Every freaking time. He is powerful. Loving. Graceful. Faithful. Life changing. Life changing. Life changing.

I was flipping through my journal today and reading past entires. Things I was praying for and God provided them. I could see his hand through it all.

Sorry about the short blog post, I am working off of my phone and it’s  really annoying to use this thing. Thanks for following along in my journey. I will share our team blog once it hopefully gets posted later today on Facebook.

Hugs + Blessings