Heaven’s plans.

I snuck away from the new year festivities to allow my introverted soul a little break from people, as well as to dust off the dust of this URL. I meant to write a little something yesterday, to prepare for today. As things go, I managed to catch the flu that has been going around, a big thank you to those germs for a rather lovely evening. I have been living out of a back hallway and sleeping on the floor of my sister’s room for the past two weeks while I’m home from school. I don’t have my own space, my clothing is in laundry baskets and bags, and it has been teaching me a lot about creating space for myself, even if it’s a hallway, wherever I am, regardless of the time I spend there.

I feel as if I owe my readers first an apology. I haven’t been on here, because I have been busy with everything else that has been going on in my life. I have been busy, being the best RA I can possibly be to the girls of dorm 11. I am running a women’s ministry on campus and involved at my church very heavily when I am home from school. I am learning how to build into people, to call out the beauty within them. I have been busy with everything else, except with showing up to this blog. I changed the name of this little corner of my world last year, I sat in the Redeemer Libary late at night, typing different names to see if they had been taken. I probably tried upwards of 40 names, to decide that Joy Soaked Words would now be my area to write until I turn my words into a novel, I will share on this little site. I think I am coming up on 3 years now, something that simply astounds me. Time flies peeps.

To quickly catch those up with who I don’t see on a regular basis, nor have I shared everything over hot cups of coffee in hand, I am still knee deep in creative writing courses, loving every single minute. Journals and teacups are still my favourite thing to buy, and London fogs are still my fav. That’s the main things.

I have been thinking about the main things that this year has taught me, with all the joy, heartache and grace, this year has been one for the books. The one thing that has stuck with me the most, that I know I will carry into 2019, is the fact that I have a voice. My voice matters. I am allowed to stand up for what I believe in and speak up if I don’t believe that things are right, whether that’s how I am treated, or others are being treated. I have lived a lot of my life not believing that I had a voice that was worth being heard.

“Find your voice, and share your voice” – pst. mike.

I love the air on new years eve. The excitement in voices, and anticipation for what will come. The feeling of a fresh start, that maybe, just maybe, this will be their year. I know that this upcoming year is marked by the hand of God. I know that big things are brewing.

Raise your champagne, your grape juice, or your favourite teacup.

Let’s ring in 2019 with a bang.

Here’s to what Heaven has in store,